Mar 18
Two Very Strange Sculpture Parks

Two Very Strange Sculpture Parks

No matter what country it is or what nationality, artists all over the world are trying to stand out from the mass and surprise the world with their work. And very often they succeed in achieving this goal. Finland and Mexico are on different sides of the globe, but both... read more →
Apr 24
Best Places to Study Art in London

Best Places to Study Art in London

London has been a cultural hub for hundreds of years, spawning an incredible art scene that spans generations. This heritage is what makes London one of the best locations in the world to study art. The beauty of the city’s architecture and the melting pot of people from all over... read more →
Sep 06

Light in Painting by William Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner was born in Covent Garden, London, on April 23, 1775. Although he was a controversial figure in his time, he is currently considered to have elevated the art of landscape to the height of history painting. His style laid the foundations of impressionism. He is commonly... read more →
Jul 10

Who Invented Pointillism?

In France, on 1884, Georges Seurat, founded the Societé des Artistes Indépendants. In this society, he made friendship with Paul Signac, the man to know first about Seurat’s pointillist perspectives and techniques. (more…)
May 15

All You Need to Know About Contemporary Art – Pt. 2

In the history of all artistic expressions, it’s possible to find some differentiating aspects in the artistic manifestations of the contemporary period and that in broad strokes can be described as new innovations. When conceiving art in all its expressions, many of the characteristics of contemporary art can be summed... read more →
Mar 22

All You Need to Know About Contemporary Art – Pt. 1

Contemporary art encompasses all the artistic expressions that represent the feeling of the 20th century and the entrance to the 21st century, representations of the processes that humanity went through in the last century, of the changes in the collective ideology, the new theories, work techniques, images and symbols that... read more →
Jan 24

World’s Most Powerful Public Sculptures

Public artwork has been present from a long time ago, becoming part of our context and the way we live our common spaces. With the rise of travelling and tourism all over the world, public art has become a tourist attraction by itself, getting a whole new meaning about the... read more →
Jul 23

Pre-Raphaelite Art in England

England is well-known for being one of the largest art promoters in the world. The art trend started a very long time ago in this country and there are many clues of the art history and movements in England. No matter the city you visit, you will definitely find at... read more →
Jul 05

Sculpture Gardens to See in England

England without a doubt has some of the most beautiful and well-maintained gardens and parks in the world. Even from the Victorian era, England started countless trends when it comes to gardening and landscaping. One of the main elements of a true English garden are the statues. They have been... read more →
Jun 19

How English Art Influenced the World

The UK is known as one of the main trend setters when it comes to fashion and music. For a very long time they were the main voices in art, no matter the domain. From the early days of William Shakespeare to the modern voices of the Spice Girls, we... read more →