Feb 02

How to get into Art

Developing artists with little deals and show encounter regularly battle to discover entryways that will open. It's hard to break into the craftsmanship business! William Wegman in his current meeting was gotten some information about how he could get into a workmanship exhibition when he began? His answer was, "Different... read more →
Jan 21

Famous British Sculptors

There are many great sculptures and artists from England, here are just a few of them. Henry Moore was a sculptor born in 1898. Moore believed in direct carving of his work rather than using casting. He was most strongly influenced by surrealism and to a lesser extent constructivism. (more…)
Jan 04

The Most Famous Art Galleries

One of the most famous art galleries in England is the Tate Modern gallery in London, which has art ranging from the post-impressionists like Henri Matisse to the abstract expressionist work of Jackson Pollock. The historic Fitzwilliam Museum of Cambridge has a notable art gallery with over 1700 paintings. (more…)
Dec 23

Great Modern Artists from England

Art has been a fascinating element in our lives. We have all learnt in school about artists from the Baroque or Renaissance era and so much more. Modern art is something that divides us in terms of taste and understanding. England has been a great art producer throughout the centuries... read more →
Dec 13
Your Guide To The Best London Art Exhibitions in 2018

Your Guide To The Best London Art Exhibitions in 2018

London is known for its beautiful art, whether it’s paintings, photography, or sculptures. London is home to some of the most famous art galleries and museums in the world. From ancient historical pieces to contemporary works, there is beauty to be seen. Get acquainted with the culture at one of... read more →
Nov 27

Best Art Galleries and Museums in England

Without a doubt England has much to offer when it comes to art. The depth of its history produced a wealth of artistic talent across all genre of the creative world. To record and showcase this talent across time England has an array of world class art galleries and museums.... read more →
Nov 02

Great English Artists of Old

England is a tiny country but as most people know has at one time or another been part of an empire that has almost covered the globe. Consequently, the influence it has had on different aspects of society cannot go unnoticed. The subject of art is no exception and because... read more →
Oct 22

Best Museums in London

London is full of culture and history, as you walk through the streets you will see buildings dating back centuries and with such historical importance it is truly astounding. When you are walking through the busy streets and taking in al. that the city has to offer you will more... read more →
Oct 10

A History of Art in London

London is the home to some of the world’s finest art galleries and museums in the world. From ancient history to fashionable hats, London has all to satiate your aesthetic pleasure. From historic to contemporary works, these London-based galleries and museums will provide you with a productive day of cultural... read more →
Oct 02

Greatest Galleries in London

If you like art in all its forms, London is the place for you. The metropolis is an adobe to one the finest galleries in the globe. Whether you fancy Old Masters or modern art, contemporary sculpture or impressionist paintings, London has an art gallery for you. Back in the... read more →